Friends of St Mary’s Cathedral

Friends Of St Mary’s Cathedral

Going the extra mile to polish a jewel

Through the small contribution of many we can do great things together.
What a gift St Mary’s Cathedral is that we have received from previous generations: the Foundation Stone laid in 1843, consecrated in 1857, restored in the 1890s, adorned with mosaics in the 1930s, re-ordered in 1977, and the sanctuary beautifully restored in 2011. St Mary’s Cathedral is at the heart of our Diocese and a jewel in Kilkenny, the city of St Canice.

And now it is our turn, and you are invited to become part of this work.

In becoming a FRIEND OF ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL and committing to supporting the cathedral monthly you will help us polish this jewel.

You are invited to commit a regular monthly contribution of €5 or €10 by direct debit/standing order or make an annual donation. You and a thousand Friends and more, through a small and regular contribution, will enable us in this generation, to do great things together.

Through the generous support and commitment of parishioners, building upon the goodwill of visitors and pilgrims who visit St Mary’s and through a sense of fellowship and support from the FRIENDS OF ST MARY’S it is hoped to continue to develop the Cathedral and to undertake some projects:

  • To develop the Cathedral as a centre for tourists and pilgrims, for those who come to pray and those who come to dwell in the peace of this sacred space: design Information Boards, Display Cabinets and Exhibition Panels; publish a Virtual Visit Video, a Guidebook and Souvenir Photobook of the Cathedral; train volunteers to welcome visitors and give guided tours.
  • Restoration of the Cathedral Crib
  • Restoration of the Lady Chapel and the Chapel of St Joseph.

The support of the Friends of the Cathedral will be vital to this work: financially it will give us the freedom to do this work but also, and perhaps more importantly, the interest and affirmation of the Friends will ensure that the future of the Cathedral will be secure for the next generation.

Become a Friend:
Use the bank details below to commit to a monthly, annual, or once-off contribution to St Mary’s.
Alternatively use the website to set up a standing order to the Friends of St Mary’s Cathedral Account.

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Friends of St Mary’s Cathedral
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