November 29th – First Sunday of Advent

Mass will be available on the Webcam at 11am (Bishop Farrell) & 5.30pm (Fr Scriven)


Mass will be available on the Webcam at 9am.  The Cathedral will be open each day until 6.30pm.

Advent – Four Weeks of Waiting for the Lord

Bishop Farrell has written a reflection as we begin the Season of Lent.  There are many ways to wait. We know many people today who…

November – Month of Remembering

Bishop Farrell’s Letter of Reflection for November, the Month of the Holy Souls.

Prayers Card for Praying at HOME or in Church for those who have gone before us marked with the Sign of Faith          Prayer-card-for-the-month-of-November

During the month of November we will remember all who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith.  Please take the opportunity to leave the names of your loved ones at the altar in the Cathedral and we will pray for them at the masses during November.

Let us keep our minds alight with faith

our souls alight with hope

and our hearts alight with love,

as we wait in joyful hope

for the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ.  Amen.


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Church supplies and other goods also available from the Parish Office (10am – 12.30pm)


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Celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism

 Please contact the Parish Office to book a Baptism.  In accordance with Government guidelines numbers at the celebration are restricted.

Celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage

 Please contact the Parish Office to book a wedding.  In accordance with Government guidelines numbers at the celebration are restricted.  Further information available which may help with planning.

Cathedral Draw

Congratulations to all winners of the October Draw – St Mary’s Parish had three winners this month:  First prize of €2,000; 8th Prize and 10th Prize of €100.  Thanks to all who support the Draw and a big thank you to promoters throughout the diocese.  November and December Draw on December 16th at 8pm.

Draw Results Oct 20

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Welcome to St Mary's Cathedral

Bishop Farrell and Fr Scriven welcome you to St Mary's Cathedral.

Casting a watching eye and blessing over the city of Kilkenny for over 180 years this magnificent cathedral of St Mary's stands proud at 162 feet (49 metres) in length, 100 feet (30 metres) wide in the transepts and with a central tower that is 186 feet and six inches (57 metres) to the pinnacles of the tower. The foundation stone was laid on 18 August 1843 and it was opened and consecrated on 4 October 1857 by the Bishop of Ossory, Most Reverend Edward Walsh.

In the years that have followed every generation has contributed to the beauty of the building – adding altars and statues, Stations of the Cross and mosaic decorations, murals and paintings, and in more recent years cleaning and preserving.
This church is a living place of faith and prayer. It is a parish church serving the needs of the parishioners of the oldest part of the Marble City. It is a place where hundreds have gathered in song and celebration: welcoming new bishops and newly ordained priests, witnessing weddings, burying the dead, celebrating First Communions, welcoming the Holy Spirit in Confirmation – a place that has celebrated life and death, joys and sorrows.

It is a place which welcomes the lonely individual as well as the Sunday congregation. It is a place of beauty and repose which gives rest to the soul. It is a place of mystery, a place of warmth, a place of private prayer and intercession, a place of nooks and crannies, a place for lighting candles and passing the time of day with saints, a place of companionship with the Lord. A place to celebrate, a place to be renewed, a place to be united with God.

Enjoy your visit to our website. If you are in Kilkenny drop in to visit our beautiful Cathedral.

Le gach dea ghuí

Richard Scriven

Mass Times

St. Mary's Cathedral, Kilkenny

Sunday & Holy Days Vigil Mass - Saturday 5.40pm (Capuchin Friary)
6.10pm (Black Abbey)
Sunday 11.00am, 5.30pm (The Cathedral)
Holy Days 9am (The Cathedral)
Monday - Saturday 9.00am (The Cathedral)
Sacrament of Reconciliation First Saturday of the Month in the Cathedral or by appointment

On the occasion of a funeral the 9am weekday Mass will be celebrated.